In several scientific disciplines, mathematical functions are used to describe objects representing phenomena or processes. Hereby, an efficient choice has to be made between different ways of representation, depending on the specific setting. Then, a visualization tool can be of great help to actually see the object, especially if it is situated in a two or three dimensional space. The program VisuMath is precisely developed for that purpose. So, VisuMath visualizes curves and surfaces in two or three dimensional Euclidean spaces.

VisuMath example
This website describes the most recent version, this is version 3.0 of VisuMath. Great effort has been put into the program to combine high quality visual output with ease of use. It is developed especially for research and educational purposes and is free of charge for these purposes. Within the program, one can switch between English and Dutch but other languages can be added if one is willing to do some effort. In the helpfile of VisuMath 3.0, it is explained how this can be achieved.

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