The 3D option

This part is used to draw graphics of surfaces in a 3-dimensional space. The surfaces can be described by means of a function of two variables, a parameter equation, an implicit equation or using cylindrical or spherical coordinates. Also there is the possibility to draw tubular shaped surfaces.

Left, one sees the window in which all essential information must be stored. It looks like the following:

Essential information

At most 5 surfaces can be represented in one image. Each surface has a corresponding tab page on which one has the choice between one of the following possibilities:

Furthermore the color, thickness and accuracy (that determines the number of points in between that needs to be calculated) can be chosen per surface.

In case the limited 3D design environment is chosen and not the OpenGL capabilities, a transparent wireframe model is produced by default. Only if the "preview" option is unchecked, VisuMath produces a solid (invisible) model. Remark that this option requires more PC-power. Also, look at the Options menu for coloring possiblities in this case.