VRML-Environment / Design-Environment

The option VRML-environment / Design-environment becomes active as soon as the 3D option is chosen and the OpenGL option is disabled. One can switch between the design environment, this is the older more limited environment in which surfaces can be visualized, and the VRML-environment. To see the model as VRML-model in the VRML-environment, however, it must be saved first as a VRML-file. This is done with the option Output 3D. Also, a VRML-viewer is needed like for instance the Cortona VRML Client (can be downloaded from the Internet from the coordinates www.parallelgraphics.com/products/cortona/).

In order to take full advantage of the visualization capabilities of surfaces with VisuMath 3.0, it is advised to switch to OpenGL. However, the export of a model to VRML, DXF or WMF can only be performed in combination with the older design environment.